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     8:00 am (English)

      5:00 pm (English)


     6:30 am (Latin) Tridentine


                     *Latin Novus Ordo

                      3rd Sunday

     8:00 am (Español)

      9:30 am (English)*                     

                     *Tridentine High

                      Mass 3rd Sunday

    11:00 am (English)

    12:30 pm (Español)

      2:00 pm (Español)

      5:00 pm (English)

      7:00 pm (Español)

 Monday through Friday

     6:45 am (English)

      8:00 am (English)

24 Hour Eucharistic Adoration commenced on May 13, 2004, in our Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. To become an adorer of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, call our bookstore at (310)952-1965.


Please call the rectory during office hours


Call (310) 834-5215 Leave message with receptionist or follow voicemail instructions.

La Adoración Eucarística Perpetua comenzó el 13 de mayo de 2004, en nuestra Capilla de Adoración Eucarística. Para anotarse como adorador de Jesús Sacramentado, llame a nuestra librería al teléfono (310)952-1965.


     7:00 pm


     4:00 pm

 During each of the following

 Sunday Masses

     8:00 am

      9:30 am

    11:00 am

    12:30 pm

      2:00 pm

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