*Las platicas Pre-matrimoniales 2017 (en Español) todos los martes de 7 - 9pm en el salón Santo Niño del salón parroquial. Más información AQUÍ.

March 3rd 2017  Lenten Fish Fry sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, St. Patrick’s Council 3051 Time: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm Suggested Donation: Pre-Sale - $8.00 At Door - $9.99 /

Cena de Pescado Frito patrocinado por los

Caballeros de Colón, el Concilio de San

Patricio 3051 Horario:

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Donación sugerida:

Pre-venta - $8.00 En

la puerta - $9.99

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March 5th 2017 CHURRO SALE after all Masses /


despues de todas

las Misas









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6th Sunday of Lent (Passion Sunday) April 9th 2017

  Jesus was acclaimed by the crowd. It was a prelude to being vilified, abused and killed. 

Jesus would have known that there were many very genuine people in the crowd, waving palms because they had encountered him in some way and believed in him. He would also have known that there were others among the crowd who were already fostering the chain of gossip and innuendo that would turn the crowd against him the next day.

  Echoes of this extreme behaviour are found in the term “tall poppy syndrome”, which describes the tendency of people to pull down someone who has received acclaim for an achievement or a talent. 

  When someone has been the victim of gossip and innuendo, the damage done to the person’s good name can be very difficult to repair. So can the damage to the victim’s confidence and self-esteem.  When jealousy drives such damaging behaviour, deep wounds can be inflicted and gifts repressed by the fear of attack. The whole community loses.

  If this has happened to us, healing is helped by forgiving those who have inflicted the damage. But forgiveness is not easy and may take time to be deep and true. Being with those who love us and seeking wise counsel help, and so does reaching out to others rather than brooding and nursing the pain. 

  The most difficult stage is shedding the fear that such a situation can cause in us, and finding the confidence again to use our gifts. That is when we truly triumph over the harm inflicted upon us. 

  We all have our own version of the palm-waving crowd in our lives, and maybe more than one crowd. What part do we play in the crowd – do we genuinely acclaim what others have done or are we looking for a chance to bring them down? 


Are we comfortable being part of our particular crowd?

From the Pastor's Desk /

Del Escritorio de Párroco

From Fr. Charbel's Desk /

Del Escritorio del P. Charbel

2nd Sunday of Advent (December 10th 2017)

  Today’s Gospel is taken from the beginning of Mark. Unlike Luke and Matthew, Mark does not include any details of Jesus’ birth. Instead Mark begins with the appearance of John the Baptist in the desert. On this the Second Sunday of Advent, we are invited to reflect upon the role of John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Jesus and the salvation that he would bring to us.

  Mark’s description of the appearance of John the Baptist highlights John’s continuity with the Jewish prophetic tradition. Mark combines quotations from the Old Testament books of Malachi, Isaiah, and Exodus. Mark’s description of John as an ascetic, living in the desert, clothed in camel hair, and eating locusts and wild honey, is reminiscent of the description of the prophet Elijah found in Second Kings. The people of Judea and Jerusalem flock to him, listening to his message of repentance and forgiveness; they also come to him to be baptized. Mark’s Gospel is clear, however, that John the Baptist’s role is only to prepare the way for another who will come, one who is greater than John.

  Many scholars believe that the Gospels reflect the tension that likely existed between followers of John the Baptist and disciples of Jesus. Each of the four Evangelists report on John’s preaching and baptizing, and they each emphasize the importance of Jesus’ baptism by John. The four Gospels also explain that John was sent to preach in preparation for another. In the Gospel of Luke, the question is raised as to whether John the Baptist was himself the Messiah. Just as in today’s Gospel, however, John speaks quite explicitly that the Messiah was to come after him.

  In today’s Gospel we hear John the Baptist contrast his baptism of repentance with the baptism that Jesus will inaugurate. John says that he has baptized with water, but that the one who is to come will baptize with the Holy Spirit. John’s baptism was not yet a Christian baptism, but a preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism through which sins are forgiven and the gift of the Holy Spirit is received.

  John the Baptist is presented to us as a model during Advent. We, too, are called upon to prepare a way for the Lord. Like John the Baptist, we are messengers in service to one who is greater than we are. Our Baptism commissions us to call others to life as disciples of Jesus.


Novemebr 30th 2018 You are invited to participate at the Unborn Jesus Holy Hour at 7:00PM. /

Les invitamos a participar en la próxima hora santa dedicada al pequeño Jesús en el Seno que se llevará a cabo a las 7:00 de la tarde.

December 8, 2018 SS. Peter and Paul, Wilmington Parish Hall to the Waterfront to SS. Peter and Paul School 10:00 am until 8:00 pm Speakers: Patrick Coffin, Jim Burnham, Angelo Libutti, Fr. Samuel Ward, Fr. James Fryar, Jackie Francois, Jesse Romero, Caitlin Rose and more to be announced. Inspiring Talks, Solemn High Mass, Consecration of California at the Waterfront, Concert at the Parish School for teens and adults. /

San Pedro y San Pablo, Wilmington  Salón Parroquial, luego Frente al Mar y luego a la Escuela de San Pedro y San Pablo (Anaheim)  10:00 am hasta 8:00 pm Ponentes: Patrick Coffin, Jim Burnham, Angelo Libutti, p. Samuel Ward, el Padre James Fryar, Jackie Francois, Jesse Romero y Caitlin Rose. Charlas inspiradoras, Gran Misa solemne, Consagración de California en el paseo marítimo, Concierto en la Escuela Parroquial y más.

12 de diciembre 2018 CELEBRACIÓN GUADALUPANA 2018. Más información AQUÍ.

January 11th 2019 Please join us for   the Saints Peter & Paul School Alumni Cocktail Party on Friday, from 6:00-9:00pm at SPPS School Auditorium,  More information HERE. /

Acompáñenos a un fiesta de cócteles de ex alumnos de la escuela de San Pedro & San Pablo de 6:00 a 9:00 p.m. en el auditorio escolar. Más información AQUÍ.




July 8th - August 11th 2018 St. Michael's Abbey SUMMER CAMP more information at: stmichaelsabbey.com/summer-

camp. /

Campamento de Verano de la Abadía de San Miguel Más información al: 





22 de julio 2018 R.I.C.A Rito de Iniciación
Cristiana para Adultos Tendremos inscripciones en horarios de las Misas

en Español.


July 27 2018 You are invited to participate at the Unborn Jesus Holy Hour at 7PM. Come join us to adore the Unborn Child Jesus as we pray for the Pro-life cause and the end of abortion. /

Les invitamos a participar en la próxima hora santa dedicada al pequeño Jesús en el Seno que se llevará a cabo a las 7:00 de la tarde. Sean bienvenidos y ayúdenos a pedir por el movimiento Pro-vida y el fin del aborto.


July 28th & August 4th 2018 If your son would like to serve Mass, is ten years of age and has received his first Communion, he is invited to the altar boy training on Saturday, 28th of July, and Saturday 4th of August, from 9AM to 12noon. *Your son must attend both training sessions. /

Si su hijo quisiera servir en la santa misa, tiene más de 10 años de edad y ha recibido ya su primera comunión, lo invitamos al entrenamiento de nuevos monaguillos los dos sábados 28 de julio, y el 4 de agosto, de 9 a 12 de la mañana. *Su hijo tiene que asistir al entrenamiento los dos sábados.


August 3rd 2018 1st Friday Purgatorial Mass at 7:00PM will be offered for the repose of the souls enrolled in the SS. Peter and Paul Purgatorial Society. This will be immediately followed by Holy Hour for families.

If you wish to include your deceased loved one/s in the Purgatorial Society (he/she will be remembered in a special Mass every month at 7 pm on 1st Friday) please contact the parish office.

19 de agosto 2018 R.I.C.A Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos Tendremos inscripciones en horarios

de las Misas en Español.


August 20th 2018 Information meeting for Quinceañeras or Sweet 16 are held at
6:30 pm and Wedding Information are held at 7:00 pm in parish hall. /

Noche de información para Quinceañeras o 16 años se llevará
a cabo a las 6:30 pm y la noche de orientación para bodas será a las 7:00 pm en el salón parroquial.



September 30th 2018 The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Guadalupe thanks you for the support that you have give throughout the years. We ask for your prayers and that you continue to help us this year to have a great Celebration to honor Our Holy Mother of Guadalupe. See Mini Kermes flyer HERE. /

La Hermandad G u a d a l u p a n a agradece el apoyo durante estos años. Pedimos sus oraciones y que nos sigan ayudando a que este año, 2018 tengamos una Fiesta grande para honrar, como se merece, a Nuestra Madre Santísima de Guadalupe. Vean el bolante de

Mini Kermes


From the Pastor's Desk /

Del Escritorio de Párroco

From the Pastor's Desk /

Del Escritorio de Párroco

Escuela de la Fe te invita al curso de: SANTÍSIMA TRINIDAD Y CREACIÓN que se impartirá los lunes, a partir del 14 de enero, en el Salón San Rafael, a las 7 pm. Este curso está destinado para toda persona que quiera conocer más sobre la Fe Católica y profundizar en el misterio de la Santísima Trinidad y La Creación. El curso tiene un costo de $40, incluye libro Más información al tel. 310.920.7068

From the Pastor's Desk /

Del Escritorio de Párroco



2nd Sunday of

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